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Wonderful Pet Care Products

The Kennel Klub has a wide variety of pet beds, leads, collars bowls, brushes, combs toys, shampoo for all your pets needs. We also carry a full line of flea and tick prevention products such as frontline plus, fogger of the inside of your house, and spray treatment for your yard.

The Kennel Klub carries Muenster Dog Food, super premium food for your dog. Made in Texas since 1932 this premium dog food is High in Protein, Low starch and great prices dog food.

We also carry Sportmix Energy Plus 24/30 Formatted for Bully Breeds that need the extra protein and fat.

The Kennel Klub also has microchipping services. This process takes just a few minutes and is very easy on your pet. We insert a small microchip between the shoulders to keep your pet for getting lost. The microchip then registered to you and all your information is entered into national system. If your dog is ever lost and taken to just about any vet or shelter they are then scanned the number will come up in the scanner and you will be contacted or any of your emergency number will be called. If you are out of town Microchip ID will contact The Kennel Klub . This is a great program. It comes with a full lifetime registration for $30.00 . No other cost.

Indoor Dog Playroom in Texas

We now offer in house pet tag engraving!

We will have in stock a large variety of tags for small to large and all different shapes and colors. These are premium tags. Also and exclusive line of I.D collars featuring and extremely strong but flexible plate which is permanently embedded in the collar during the manufacturing process (not just riveted) to the top that you customize in store using the CE-1000 machine . You have your tag or collar customized in minutes.

Contact us in Houston, Texas, for more information about all of our pet care services.